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Volunteering in Spring Valley Little League

Spring Valley Little League relies on dedicated adult volunteers to help ensure that the league remains structured and runs smoothly.  The league is always looking for individuals to support and coordinate its events and activities.

If you wish to volunteer to manage a team, fill out the manager application form available here 


Who Can Volunteer?

  • Anyone can apply to become a volunteer. Whatever talents or skills you have, the league can use them.  Volunteers are grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, retirees, friends, neighbors, and more. Any community member who wishes to become a volunteer may apply.
  • All parents of children involved in the league are strongly encouraged to volunteer. Volunteering allows your life and your child's life to intersect on common ground, with shared interests and goals. 
  • On rare occasions, Little League, through District Administrators and your local Board of Directors, may deny individuals the privilege of volunteering for reasons, past or present, that may be detrimental to the positive development of young people, other volunteers, and/or Little League International. When you apply to become a volunteer, you give Spring Valley Little League the right to conduct necessary background checks.

What Volunteer Positions are Available?

  • Managers & Coaches
    • Managers and coaches are the foundation of the league's volunteers.  Given their close relationship and influence over the players, they are also among the most important.  Their role is so important that it is described in detail in the section below.
  • Team Parent
    • Most teams have a volunteer who is known as the team parent.  The role of the team parent is defined largely by the manager's needs and wishes, but team parents often help the managers organize team activities, handle logistical issues like uniforms and scheduling, and make the whole team experience more fun. The manager decides whether or not he wants a volunteer for this position and makes the appointment.
  • Scorekeeper
    • Each team the in the Juniors, Majors, and Minors divisions in baseball need at least one volunteer scorekeeper.  The scorekeeper keeps the team's scorebook (the league encourages the use of electronic scoring applications), and, under the manager's direction, post the scores and pitch counts after each game.
  • Board or Directors
    • The Spring Valley Little League Board of Directors is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the league within the rules, regulations and policies of Little League. Although the board does not have the authority to alter, suspend or change any of the rules, regulations or policies of Little League, Little League gives the Board wide latitude in many areas of operation to ensure that the local needs of the league and our community are being met. 
    • The Board has regular monthly meetings.  During busy times of the year the board will hold regular committee meetings and telephone conferences in addition to regular board and executive committee meetings.
    • The current Board of Directors is listed on the Contact Us tab.
  • General membership
    • Each year, the Board of Directors appoints a number of committees to assist it in managing league operations.  Membership on most committees is open to all parents or friends of the league, and the league encourages anyone who is interested to volunteer.  To volunteer, please email


  • Volunteering to Manage a Team
    • If you wish to volunteer to manage a team, fill out the manager application form available here 

      Volunteering to become a manager does not guarantee one of being selected as a manager.  The process for selecting managers is outlined below.  In certain circumstances, a person who has a proven ability to manage may be considered to manage teams in more than one division.  The manager application requires that the appropriate background check form be completed and submitted with the manager application (see manager application for details).  This is a prerequisite for being considered for a manager post.


  • Volunteering to Be an Assistant Coach
    • Spring Valley Little League permits managers to select his/her own assistants, subject to Board approval and the assistants completing the appropriate background check.  The league itself does not accept applications or requests to be an assistant and will refer the volunteer to the team manager. 


  • How to Volunteer
    • Anyone who wishes to volunteer must start by submitting a Volunteer Application (available here).  This application is required ANNUALLY of all volunteers for any position.  When completed the application and any other required documents described in it should be uploaded through the league's manager or assistant coach portal at right (depending on which position you wish to volunteer for).  There is a shorter version of the Volunteer Application for returning volunteers.
    • Spring Valley Little League is required to conduct background checks on managers, coaches, members of the board of directors, and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.  The league's safety officer will conduct this background check using the information provided in your volunteer application (no one else will have access to that information).  The league will notify you if there is an issue with your background check. 


  • Process for Selection of Managers
    • Decisions on managers are finalized in late January for the spring season and early August for the fall season. Prospective managers and coaches should recognize the following:
    • Given the importance of managers and coaches in the Little League system, Spring Valley Little League uses the following process for reviewing and selecting managers:
      • The League has established a Coaches Committee (chaired by the Coaching Coordinator) to assist the President in appointing managers in each division
      • The Coaches Committee solicits and receives a list of those interested to manage;
      • The interest list of composed primarily of volunteers who have declared their interest in managing a team (by submitting the Manager Application);
      • Additional managers are recruited as needed;
      • Delegates from the Coaches Committee conduct interviews of all prospective managers (members of the committee who may be competing in the same division as the prospective manager are not involved in interviews or recommendations for that division);
      • The Coaches Committee identifies those prospective managers who attended pre-season coaches meetings and training seminars;
      • The Coaches committee meets and provides the league President with its recommendations;
      • The President selects managers for approval by the Board of Directors;
      • Managers select their own assistant coaches (subject to approval by the Board) consistent with the League's policy of allowable coaches; and
      • All appointed volunteers must submit to and pass a background check.
    • The league communicates with managers through email and expects the manager to be the timely conduit for information between the league and the teams in the league. Some emails require time-sensitive action by the manager. Only those who are accessible by email throughout the day should consider managing.
    • Under Little League regulations, the decision to appoint a manager or coach is strictly within the discretion of the President with approval from the Board of Directors; and
    • All volunteers must submit to (and pass) a background check through Little League;
    • All volunteers must strictly adhere to the Code of Conduct and manifest their commitment to it by returning a signed copy to the League. Adherence to the Code of Conduct is a vital consideration in coaching appointments;
    • Many divisions have more people interested to manage than there are teams (especially the Majors division). Therefore, no one is guaranteed a position as coach or manager even if they have managed or coached in the past;
    • Managing a team is an enormous time commitment, and typically requires thoughtful preparation for and attendance at two games and at least one practice a week. But it is also extraordinarily rewarding;
    • Managers will be required to attend some training and safety meetings, regardless of whether they have coached in the league before. The schedule for these meetings is outlined in the registration documents on the league's website. Volunteers who cannot commit to attend all of meetings will not be considered for appointment as a manager;
    • It is a privilege not a right to coach in the league. Under Little League regulations, there is no "tenure" for coaches or managers, and each must be reappointed each season;